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The Respawnables - What is it, and why should you play it?

Excuse me, something just came to my attention. You haven't been playing The Respawnables, one of the best shooters on mobile. And that is a travesty.

The Respawnables has guns to shoot, multiple stages with interesting tactics to use on each, and online multiplayer so you can prove your worth against other players.

Not convinced yet? That's fine, we're just getting started. Take a look at our reasons for playing here, and you'll be downloading before you know it.


#1 What is it?

The Respawnables is a shooter where you'll be running, strafing and - of course - shooting down enemies in order to show your dominance.

There are missions to complete every day which will see you tackling stages using a variety of strategies. Just taking enemies down is easy, but gunning from rooftops, ambushing from behind, and activating explosives is much more interesting.

And not only that, it's free to play, meaning you don't even have to cough up a penny in order to try it out for yourself. Got a modern smart phone or tablet? Then you're already equipped with all you need to get started.

#2 Why should I play it?

There aren't enough shooters on mobile that offer the kind of range of motion that The Respawnables does. Here, it makes it so easy to flick the barrel of your gun from point to point, shooting down foolhardy enemies.

Jumping from rooftops, strafing around opponents, and dodging between cover is an art that's mastered, not taught.

There are loads of stages for you to hone your skills in and hunt down opponents offline, and once you jump online with other players, you can establish superiority and take them down in style. It's satisfying, rewarding, sometimes frustrating, but always fun.


#3 How do you play?

You'll be swiping about on your touch screen in order to show enemies who's boss. One thumb will be focused on keeping you running about, avoiding bullets and dipping into cover.

The other will be focused on aiming and firing, with a surprising amount of accuracy and speedy handling. With a generous aim assist, The Respawnables is the ideal mobile shooter.

Of course, the basic controls belie how tactical and fast paced the game can be as you use your ingenuity to outwit opponents.

#4 Any tips to get me started?

Who do you think I am? Of course I have tips.

Jump into battle offline to begin with, where you can level up, earn new guns, and get a feel for how the game plays.

Progression happens fast, and you'll soon be unlocking new stages and feeling more confident in how to navigate them, and the kinds of ambushes you can set up for opponents.

New guns and gear are always valuable, and you should try your best to earn as much as you can and test out your new arsenal against offline CPU players, before taking down the competitive online community.

Need more? We've got some introductory guides on getting started and how to get some wins in multiplayer to help you out.


#5 Sounds great! Where do I get it?

Ha! That’s the spirit. I told you you'd be convinced.

Get out your Android or iOS device and hop onto either Google Play or the App Store, search for The Respawnables and you'll be provided with everything you need.

And, did we mention it's free? We did mention that, right? Yeah, it's free, there really is no excuse for not jumping in and respawning for the first time yourself.

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Dave Aubrey 20 September 2018

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RespawnablesFortniteMonster LegendsDragon CityClash of ClansBoom BeachSupernautsAngry Birds Go!Angry Birds Star WarsAmazing AlexAngry Birds SpaceAngry Birds
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