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A look at the buildings: part two

This two-part Monster Legends feature series takes a look at what each building does to help you decide if and when you'd like to purchase it.

Make sure to check out the first part to get a complete look at the first few buildings in the game.

Breeding Mountain

As the name suggests, this is where you breed monsters to create even more powerful versions.

For example, if you breed the common fire monster, Firesaur, with the common earth monster, Rockilla, you'll create the uncommon fire and earth monster, Firekong.

The Ultra Breeding Tree allows you to breed two monsters at once.

Monster Market

The Monster Market provides a ton of free resources - provided you have a few friends who also play.

You can recruit up to ten friends to gather food or gold for you, with each friend increasing the total amount you earn over a five hour period.

You can pay a gem to add an AI friend instead and further boost those numbers.

Monster Arena

The Monster Arena is the place to go for PvP battling, where the victor receives food, gold, and trophies in abundance.

If that's not your thing, you can buy a protective shield that lasts either a day or a week and costs one or five gems respectively.

The leaderboards are also displayed here, where you can compare your successes with your friends and the global player community.

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